I am passionate about reducing environmental impact and reducing my family’s exposure to harsh chemicals (#NotAllChemicals). But I’m a mom to two little ones and I don’t have the energy I used to!

So I’m very proud to work with Norwex, who makes amazing products that support a sustainable lifestyle, but making it simple, easy, and fast to choose the eco-friendly option!

They also carry those values into their production, using recycled materials and careful packaging. 

Not only that, but before Norwex I had no idea that it was possible to clean up to 99% of bacteria using just water. No more chemical cleaners. That saves money AND helps the environment (not to mention my health!) 

I love my body rag. I never want to go back! I like that it doesn’t get gross like a bath sponge, and it doesn’t get smelly and need tons of cleaning like regular rags do.


Carolyn is so helpful and knowledgeable on Norwex products. I am so happy I found her. I was curious about the Norwex cloths after seeing the “chicken demo”. She helped me pick out great products to get me started. Seriously, these products are amazing! Carolyn is too!

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